Whether it’s for a first car or just a handy skill, here are easy steps to teaching your teen how to drive a manual transmission.

Although it is a skill that many young people do not have, driving a manual transmission vehicle, otherwise known as a stick shift, can save tons of money. How? Well, manual transmission cars are known to be cheaper than automatic cars and get slightly better gas mileage. Not only is driving a manual more cost efficient, but also it is a great life skill to have in your arsenal. Because saving money and learning new life skills are both important things in the life of a teenager. Teaching your teen how to drive a manual could be one of the best ways to give your teen an educational boost. We understand firsthand the positive impact that it would have on both you and your teen’s life. That’s why here at the Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram we are giving you simple instructions on how to teach your teen to drive a stick shift.

Steps for Teaching Your Teen to Drive a Manual

Step #1: Find an empty parking lot to teach your teen in.

Step #2: Practice with an older manual transmission so that your teen can effectively learn the basics of driving a stick shift.

Step #3: Explain to your teen what the three different pedals (the clutch, the gas, and the brake) on a stick shift are for.

Step #4: Review the different gears in a manual transmission.

Step #5: Make sure your teen knows how to work the foot brake and parking brake.

Step #6: Teach your teen to press down on the clutch pedal and shift into neutral to start the car.

Step #7: Teach your teen how and when to use the first gear shift.

Step #8: Have your teen slowly release the clutch pedal and press on the gas pedal to move the car.

Step #9: When the engine reaches 3,000 RPM, tell your teen to take his or her foot off the gas and pull the gearshift into second gear by pulling it all the way down and to the left.

Step #10: Repeat step 9, but with each of the gears.

Step #11: Teach your teen to slowly release the gas, press down on the clutch, and move the gearshift down one gear at a time.

Step #12: Once you do step 11 and have the car in the lowest gear, make your teen simultaneously release the clutch and brake the car.

Step #13: Teach your teen how to stop the car by first downshifting into second gear and pressing down on the brake, and then pressing the clutch as the car slows down.


Even if your teen doesn’t end up driving a manual, it’s still a great skill to know in case there is an emergency and a stick shift is all that is available. If you have any questions, our Five Star team is here to help. And if you decide that a manual is the right way to go, check out our latest inventory or give us a call at 888-912-2836.