Tips You Should Teach Your Teen as a Passenger in Other Teens’ Vehicles.

Did you know that the risk of a deadly crash increases when a teen driver is driving in a car with other teens versus adults? Why? Usually it is because of the distractions that occur when a teen is with his or her peers. To limit these distractions, the Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is providing you with tips you should tell your teenager to be a safe passenger.

  1. Pay attention to the Road, Even If You Are Not Driving
    If your teen is a regular passenger in another teen’s vehicle, it is important to teach him or her to keep an eye out for any driving mishaps that may occur. The best way to keep an eye out when riding as a passenger in a teen’s car is to also pay attention to the road. That way if the driver is about to make a mistake, your teen will be there to catch it. As the passenger, your teen should also be the navigator in the car when driving to new places.
  2. Do Not Add Stress
    Although your teenage passenger should pay attention to the road, your teen should not micromanage others’ driving when riding as a passenger in their vehicle. Doing so will only add unnecessary stress to the situation. Instead, tell your teen to be calm and supportive when telling the teen driver that something is wrong. Basically, teach your teen to pick his or her battles.
  3. Put the Electronics Away
    Teenage passengers should not use electronics when with teenage drivers because being on the phone can be a distraction to both parties. This is especially true if the teenage passenger chooses to talk on the phone while in the car and the driver is listening in on the conversation instead of focusing on the road. Your teenage passenger should also make sure that the teen driver is not texting while driving.
  4. Get a Later Start
    Set a rule with your teen that he or she cannot drive other teens in his or her car until he or she has had a driver’s license for at least a year. By setting this rule you are limiting the chances that your teen will be in a car accident due to distractions. If there is an accident, you can always trust our collision center to get you back in shape.