Whether you’re an employee or employer, learn more about how to help prevent crashes on the road while driving to and from work

There are studies that show commercial truck drivers live an average of about 10 years less than people in other jobs. Part of that could be life on the road and the dangers to health it can expose a person to. But how does this relate to other companies and their employees? Should employers be concerned for their staff even if driving is not part of their job description? After all, most of us get behind the wheel of a car every day in order to get to work. During Junes  National Safety Month  as well as any other month, all of us here at Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM want you to get to work safely and in the comfort of a reliable vehicle.

The National Safety Council offers some tips for employers, and by extension we offer them to business in Lake Wales and the surrounding Central Florida area, to help prevent crashes on the road.  Here are a few of them:

  • Offer defensive driving courses and other training specific to the risks faced
  • Enact a corporate cell phone policy to prevent all cell phone use behind the wheel
  • Enact a policy that requires employees to wear seat belts
  • Ask an expert from the National Safety Council to assess your organization’s road safety protocols, and help design and execute a program


Taking one or more of these steps can be vital to the prevention of a life-threatening crash. As another tool for Polk County businesses, whether your staff utilizes commercial vehicles in Lake Wales as a part of their daily jobs or not, is the FREE online Safe Driving Kit offered by the National Safety Council.

In the kit, you and your fellow professional team will receive materials that will help you reinforce vehicle safety on Polk County roads year around, such as videos, fact sheets, myth-busters, posters, activities to engage employees, and much more.

If your concern is safety on the road and you’re looking for a new car for sale in Lake Wales that has the latest in safety features available, give one of our Five Star team members here a call at 877-902-8642 or stop by our Lake Wales auto showroom, conveniently located at 21529 U.S. Highway 27 North and ask any of our friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.