There is so much more that goes into car ownership beyond just buying a car. One of the key factors is car insurance. Here at Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, your Florida Jeep dealership near Bartow, we want to make sure you are well-informed.

Auto Insurance

In every state except New Hampshire, it is a legal requirement to have auto insurance for your car. This may sound simple, but it is anything but, as there are numerous different types of coverage you can select from.

Some of these coverages are more useful than others. It comes down to what your specific state requires, and what you feel comfortable paying for beyond that. This is especially true when it comes to deductibles. Deductibles can make the price you pay monthly much lower. If you never get into an accident, you save a lot of money. Conversely, if you do get into an accident, you’ll be far less financial protected.

Types of Coverage

The coverage types you’ll need to worry about from a legal standpoint are Liability and Personal Injury Protection, both of which are required by Florida Law. Liability goes toward paying for someone else’s damages, while PIP pays for you and your passenger’s medical expenses.

Collision and Comprehensive coverage are typically not required by law, but can be extremely helpful to you in the long run. They provide protection against damage to your car not found in liability or PIP.

One of the other biggest contributing factors is the car you choose to insure. Insuring a 2018 Dodge Challenger is going to cost you more than an older model because new cars simply have more value than older ones. If you feel you need to know more about car insurance, the customer service specialists here at Lake Wales Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM would be more than happy to provide you with that information!